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Christine & Ryan were married  Sept  1, 2013 at Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley with a reception following at the Shrine Event Center in Livermore.  Christine’s sister – Katie – was also married that day – 1/2 hour after her with Christine being her maid of honor (Katie was Christine’s maid of honor).  2 sisters – 1 wedding – 1 reception – what a fabulous was to celebrate your wedding and your family! Read more about Christine and Ryan’s engagement  and how the 2 sisters came to get married on the same day!

Our Story  (written by Christine and told to East Bay Bridal )

I met Ryan at the church we were attending, Irvine Community Church in 2009.   Discovering a mutual love for photography they began dating 8 months after they meet.  I wasn’t ready to date when he began pursuing me. I always invited friends along to anything he invited me to.  A month after our first date, we were celebrating our 1 month anniversary w/ a Disneyland date and we both said “I love you” for the first time. I never felt like a relationship was so smooth and wonderful,  I realized that this was what it was suppose to be like.

How He Proposed

Ryan proposed on February 13, 2013, the day before Valentine’s Day.  Ryan made a reservation the 21 Oceanfront Restaurant ( in LA) which was were we had gone on our 6 month anniversary and that’s why he said he wanted to go there.  After a fabulous dinner, Ryan wanted to walk on the beach.  I found out later that he wanted to propose here on one knee –  but my shoes hurt and I was cold so he agreed to not walk on the beach.  If he had pushed it I would have suspected that he was planning something. We got back to my house and parked the car.  We were going to exchange chocolates, which he specifically wanted to wait to do until the end of the night (tipoff).  He got my chocolates and read my card, and I got his chocolates and read his card out loud.  When I got to the end, I started to freak out!  It read “PS Enjoy your chocolate and if you can guess this riddle you get an even better present! “What do I have in my pocket?  The last line is a quote from the Lord of the Rings and it references the presence of a ring in his pocket. I knew the answer was ring but I didn’t want to say that because I was afraid of being wrong (though he kept insisting that I had 3 guesses). When I won’t guess he took my hand and “girlfriend you make me very happy and I rally can’t imagine myself with anyone but you. (Taking the ring from his pock) I would love it if you would be my wife.”  He put the ring on my hand we hugged as I said “Yes”.

Journey to the Double Wedding

Katie is my younger sister by 1.5 years.  We occasionally had boyfriends at the same time and we would joke about having a double wedding.  Katie and her boyfriend, Ernie, got engaged about a month after us. Even at that point we didn’t think about a double wedding. We talked about sending out a joint wedding invitation as we discussed our weddings.  Ideas progressed and we began discussing the possibility of a double wedding.  Both fiances were on board.  Once we decided to move forward everything fell into place.  We booked the Shrine Event center for the reception and talked with our pastor about doing 2 ceremonies that day.  We had so many people help us out.  Every aspect of the wedding planning had people volunteering to help out! I think one of the craziest parts about sharing the day was that we both wanted the other to be the Maid of Honor.  Having back-to-back ceremonies, this meant we would have to change our dresses to be the bride and Maid of Hone in the same day.  When we took our wedding photos before the ceremony, I think I changed in and out of dresses about 3 times.  5 dress changes for the whole day.  It was just crazy and fun.  Everything went so smoothly though.  I don’t think anything went wrong at all for the whole day.  It was perfect. People kept telling us how great it was that Katie and I shared the day and how much love they could see that we had for each other.  I am so glad that we chose to do that and I think that the day was 100 time better because it was about all four of us and celebrating together.  I cried a lot of tears of joy that day!  It was amazing.


Dress -  I bought the first dress I tried on (and I tried on a lot of dresses) at Dori Anne Veils Bridal in Castro Valley. Debra was the one who worked with us and she was great.  She worked with Katie and me at the same time, as we tried on dresses together.  It was so ch fun to experience that together!

Reception - Shrine Event Center, Livermore CA - 

Flowers – my bridal bouquet was created by a dear fiend, Jeannie O’Brien.  Http://www.facebook.com/jeannieo?fref=ts



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I met you at your booth at the Bay Area Bridal Fair today at the
Pleasanton Marriott and mentioned to you that I LOVED the East Bay
Bridal – Spring/Summer 2012 publication that helped me immensely since
I’m from Denver, Colorado.  I flew out here the first part of February
to see my fiance and we had breakfast with his family at Zohrn’s
Restaurant in Pleasanton.  The FIRST thing I saw as I entered the
restaurant was the spring/summer 2012 East Bay Bridal publication and
I immediately grabbed one to take back to Denver!

I have to tell you, your magazine was most helpful to us.  From your
guide, we were able to narrow our wedding venues to include visiting
Sunol Valey Golf Club, The Clubhouse At Boundary Oak, and Ruby Hill.
We selected Poppy Ridge but I appreciated knowing of the other
locations from your guide.  We are also strongly considering the White
Robed Monks as our officiant and we also learned of them in your

Our first choice for floral, though we haven’t booked yet is Bloomies
on Main in Pleasanton which I first heard of from The East Bay Bridal
magazine.  I felt more at ease after seeing this company a second time
as they are a preferred vendor with our wedding venue.  Also, I flew
out from Denver the last week of February and visited (informally)
Blossom’s Bridal & Formal in Dublin which I found from the information
in your book.  I had a business appointment in the area and had time
before my flight back to Denver to check out their shop because of the
ad in your book!

Finally, I still have my marked up copy of East Bay Bridal because I
refer back to the article “Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding” on page
4 to make sure that I’m on the right track.  (Since we are getting
married on March 23, 2013, I’m right on track having selected the
following 12 months in advance of our March 23, 2013 wedding date:
Poppy Ridge venue, guest list (50 people), wedding attendants (only
two), theme (island casual), and budget ($12,000-hopefully!)  I’m
confident that I will stay on track with the information from your
book!  (I also enjoyed the articles on wedding snacks (p. 13), toasts,
tipping and handling the guests.)

I just wanted to pass this information along to you to let you know
that your publication is the greatest and the thank you for your help.
My job relocated me here just last week (I now live with my fiance in
Walnut Creek!) and I was so happy to meet you today at the bridal

Many thanks again to your staff!

Deirdre (Dee)