You’ve got your wedding figured

You’ve got your wedding figured

October 25, 2013 8:37 am

How Many Guests Does It Take To Eat a Cake?

You’ve got your wedding all figured out … or do you?

Take our pop quiz and see.

By Bev Bennett
CTW Features


As you’re planning your wedding you’re no doubt caught up in the smallest details – from how many bottles of Champagne to order to who sits where. But, your wedding know-how isn’t complete until you take this quiz:

1. How many servings are in a bottle of Champagne?

a) Isn’t a bottle a serving?

b) Five servings

c) Servings? Pass the bottle and let everyone have a sip

2. The average number of guests invited to a wedding is:

a) 178

b) None, unless the judge wants his clerk to sit in

c) Every relative your parents and your fiancé’s parents have an address for

3. Americans spend $60 billion a year on weddings, according to the Association of Wedding Planners International, Sacramento, Calif., and that doesn’t include the honeymoon. The average for one wedding is:

a) I don’t know, but my bills may come to $60 billion

b) $20,000 or more

c) About $100 for the preacher and another $20 for soft drinks and peanuts

4. Where does the phrase “tie the knot” come from?

a) A husband-to-be with gallows humor

b) The bow around your finger reminding you of the myriad of details you have to handle

c) The multi-knotted girdle young women wore in ancient Roman times to symbolize their virginity – the knots were undone on the wedding night

5. Contrary to what you may think, a rainy wedding day means good luck because:

a) Guests at your outdoor wedding will leave sooner.

b) A wet knot – of the couple tied to the bonds of matrimony – is harder to undo.

c) Everything looks fresher after a rain

6. Istanbul, Turkey hosts more weddings than any other city in the world. Do you know what city comes in second internationally?

a) Paris

b) New York City

c) Las Vegas

7. Some fun-loving grooms smash a piece of wedding cake in the bride’s face as part of the post-wedding festivities. Do you know where this custom began?

a) It’s the endless chocolate versus vanilla argument that started with Adam and Eve

b) Cake tossing was first observed in the 13th century when out-of-work millers invaded wedding ceremonies looking for clients

c) Giving a bride a rude shower of cake dates back to Roman times when it was thought to ensure her fertility

8. Why do gemologists advise against using pearls for engagement rings?

a) Because oysters only bear one pearl during a lifetime, making this a symbol of limited fertility

b) Because pearls are soft and can easily be scratched

c) Because pearls are bad luck if worn during months that contain the letter R

9. June is still the most popular month for weddings, but do you know what the preference dates back to?

a) Ancient Rome, when Juno, the goddess of hearth and the patron of wives, was most influential

b) The Middle Ages when marriages during the summer solstice were thought to be a good omen

c) The first summer airfare bargains that are typically announced in June

10. The single greatest wedding expense is:

a) The wedding gown

b) The honeymoon

c) The reception

Here are the answers:

Zero to two correct answers means you’ve decided to elope; three to five and you’re warming up to the job. More than five correct answers and you need a break. Take off a weekend before the wedding.

1. A fifth of Champagne will fill 5 Champagne flutes.

2. The average guest list is 178, according to the Association of Wedding Planners International. It only seems like more when you’re paying the bills.

3. The average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000, writes Chris Jaeger in

4. The knots date back to the virginal Roman women, although you might think the appropriate phrase should be to “untie the knot.”

5. A wet knot is harder to undo.

6. Las Vegas is second in the world – not just the U.S. – with 114,000 weddings annually, according to Jaeger.

7. Wedding cake in a bride’s face is a fertility blessing.

8. Pearls are too soft for constant use.

9. A desire to please Juno made June the wedding month.

10. The reception. But you knew that…

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