The New Bridal Shower

The New Bridal Shower

October 20, 2013 3:14 pm

Looking to spice up the bridal shower?Want to do something beyond the usual party-and-gifts routine? Well good, because the bridal shower scene is changing big time and the old way of doing thing is pretty much dead as a doornail. These new bridal shower trends make showers exciting and fun again:

Couple Showers

There was a time when a couple’s shower was such an odd idea it was practically taboo. Obviously any kind of adult themed entertainment was out the door and husbands and wives to be would both have to be on their very best behavior. Today, the more open minded couple in the western world is enjoying one last wild party together.

Where you draw your own personal boundaries at these parties is up to you, of course, and not every husband to-be is comfortable with a Chippendale dancer showing up at the party, but for couples who can be open and have fun together, couple showers are a great way to celebrate the freedoms you have together now and forever and reminder that you don’t have to give up the fun stuff just because you’re married.

“Event” Showers

Our moms attended bridal showers in living rooms and backyards. Today, women are hitting the spa, take road trips and going to Vegas for their bridal showers. The spa bridal shower is one th most common ways to really have fun with your girls before getting married, and in fact, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a day spa that offers some great discounts for bridal parties.

Forget the Etiquette

There used to be an unwritten rule that a bridal shower needs to be thrown by a non-family member,thats not really the case anymore. These days we don’t live by hard and fast, rigid rules regarding how things are done, and heck most people don’t even know which side of the bow the fork goes on, so these old-world rules of etiquette aren’t really anything to worry about anymore.

Customizing to the Couple’s Interests

There’s something of a bridal aesthetic, the white, the lace, the calligraphy, the tiered cakes. It all makes you think of weddings and bridal showers and gowns and honeymoons. However, these days the wedding, bachelor party and wedding shower all tend to be  customized around the bride and groom’s interests. If you and your girlfriends are basketball fans, there’s no reason you can’t have a sport themed bridal shower.