Every Angel Needs a Halo

Every Angel Needs a Halo

October 10, 2013 11:46 am

Each bride-to-be yearns for an engagement ring that reflects her unique style, taste, and personality.
Whether the stone be round, emerald or cushion cut, there are many ways to personalize the token of
his love with the setting.

Now that so many modern brides are having a hand in the choosing, or even the designing, of their
special ring, we thought it only fitting that we talk about one of the biggest trends in bridal treasures:
the haloed engagement ring.

While no bride wants their engagement ring to be a sign of the times that will quickly go out of style, the
beauty of this trend is that it is both modern and classic. Simply take a round, emerald or cushion cut
stone and wrap it in a pave diamond halo and there you have it: a gorgeous piece of heaven on earth.

No matter what the cut of the center stone, this setting adds depth, dimension, and size without
increasing the carats of the center piece. It’s a great way to increase sparkle and shine without going up
in the size of the primary diamond. It is common that a pave band accompanies the setting, making for a
ring with astounding shimmer.

If you, or your fiance-to-be, decide to go with this style the ring is guaranteed to be a treasure.

So enjoy, be creative with your setting, and remember: every angel needs a halo.